Barstool Raphaël

€199.90 (tax incl.)

The Raphaël is a barstool with the perfect combination between modern and a warm, stylish, vintage look. A strong, beautiful barstool that provides excellent comfort. The Raphaël stool has a very solid brushed black metal frame. The seat- and back cushion are both very solid and comfortable because of its high quality material. In short, the perfect combination of style and character in a vintage bar stool. 

The bar chair is available in the colors: black, cognac and taupe.



Height: 118 cm
Depth: 43 cm
Width front: 50 cm
Width of back: 48 cm
Seat height: 84 cm
Seat width: 45 cm
Seat depth: 42 cm
Height of feet: 32.5 cm
Colors: black, cognac, taupe


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