Eléna oak dining table, tree trunk shaped table edges, X-leg

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This elegant Eléna dining table is an oak table, the edges of the tabletop are beautifully carved in the natural shape of the tree trunk. The frame of the table is made of black powder-coated steel. The combination of the wood and robust frame give the table an industrial and sturdy look. The dining table Eléna can be combined in any interior due to its neutral colors. The table top is made of oak wood. This wood comes from Minsk, Belarus.

The trees grow more slowly due to the climate. This ensures that the Russian oak furniture is durable and extremely strong. The Russian oak stands out for its quiet foliage with a less emphatic grain than European oak. The wood has a light and warm color and is slightly lighter in weight. 

Suitable for all interiors and even for your meeting room. Available in different sizes, from 1.40 to 2.40 metres long. In addition, you can choose between an X-leg and a U-leg, a frame in white or black and the tabletop in a straight or trunk shape.

With our wood care kit you are assured of long-lasting pleasure from our wooden furniture. Treat the table top straight after purchase. Conceived for protecting, cleaning and caring for your furniture against moisture and scratches.

Assembly of this product takes approximately 15 minutes. The model can be assembled using a few screws.

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