Floorlamp Haleiwi

€229.90 (tax incl.)

The beautiful floor lamp Haleiwi stands out thanks to its special design of open, clean lines.  Floor lamp Haleiwi can be used in two ways! The light bulbs can be placed upwards or downwards. No matter how you place the Haleiwi floor lamp, it is an elegant addition to your interior. Also available in Haleiwa wall lamp.

The beautiful floor lamp is made of metal and, thanks to the material and colour, can be combined well with various colours. The rectangular shapes create a spatial effect and the light is  distributed throughout the room thanks to the open luminaire. Tip! Use bright LED light bulbs for an atmospheric whole. Create your own atmosphere with the industrial floor lamp Haleiwi!

Our lamps are sold without light bulbs. Light bulb LEd Filament Droplet is a good combination with this lamp and gives a beautiful atmosphere. This light bulb creates extra ambiance in your interior. A carbon wire light bulb not only gives beautiful light, but is also very nice to look at. The right kind of lighting makes your lamp. With this light bulb you make your lamp complete!

Floor lamp Haleiwi is delivered assembled. If you want to put the lamp the other way around you can unscrew the 4 screws of both plates. 


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