Design foot rest Sito in leather

€359.90 (tax incl.)

The Expo armchair includes a beautiful footstool. The cushion is neatly finished smooth. The hocker is covered with split leather. If leather is too thick to handle, it can be split into a split leather layer. Split leather is more fibrous and less coarse than the connective tissue of the top layer. This material has the properties of leather, but at a low price.

The hocker has a frame of polished stainless steel with a chic look. This is top quality that will last for years. We therefore give a lifetime warranty on the steelwork. Transparent floor protectors are also included. After unpacking the hocker, you only have to click the cushions into place.

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Height: 44 cm
Seat thickness: 10 cm
Width: 58cm
Depth: 54 cm
Leg thickness: 2.5 cm
Seat material: cow leather
Leg material: polished stainless steel
Max. weight: 160 kg
Floor protectors: yes


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