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Lilianna mystical carpet

€278.90 (tax incl.)

Thanks to Lilianna, you can enjoy one, or rather several, shadows on the floor. Immerse yourself in the mist of the rising sun, walk through a mysterious fog and hike across the snowy mountain peaks... Not the destination, but the journey is important. Lilianna's irregular, light and soft patterns invite you to dream away and let your thoughts run free. The interwoven fibres create a light relief and a striking softness. It adds warmth to light and minimalist interiors and creates an elegant Bohemian touch.

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  • Material: Polypropylene
  • Colour: Multicoloured, grey, beige
  • Length (cm): 230
  • Width (cm): 160
  • Height (cm): 0.5
  • Product weight (kg): 7.81
  • Size: Rectangular
  • Height of pole (mm): 5
  • Shape: Rectangular

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100% Viscose